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3 years ago, I left the investment banking industry. At that time, only a handful of us understood the concept of “To Love & Be Loved Through Cooking”. In fact, some may even ask “how can cooking be a toolbox to reach people’s soul with joy, love and peace?”

My participation in the RTHK program “Rich Mate Poor Mate” in the summer of 2013 has provided me a platform to recycle leftover / unsold fresh food, and to prepare healthy dishes under a tight budget for the underprivileged. Food distribution in Hong Kong remains very uneven. Redistributing food resources can directly address the underprivileged’s basic needs, while also giving them a sense of hope. From the show, I realized that our culinary skills are not just about cooking good food to fill our stomach. In fact, Cooking is a bridge to connect people such that we can all love and care about each other.

Below is what I have written down right after the show.

To Love & Be Loved through Cooking

In our community, there is a group women socially labeled as “housewife”.

At the same time, there is also another group in our community socially labeled as “working moms”.

Regardless of how you are socially labeled, every woman has the same life mission – to care for their families and children. Cooking thus becomes a central theme as a way for them to show their love!

During the 1st day of my participation in the RTHK TV program “Rich Mate Poor Mate’, my eyes were focusing on “what I DON’T have”. After having experienced poverty first hand, my heart and soul were telling me to focus on “what I Do have”. The cup of water is now half full instead of half empty. From the program, I learned to

– Cherish my resources;
– Count my blessings;
– Appreciate the Grace of God.

Therefore, any surplus food resources treated as “trash” by others can definitely be transformed into “treasure” through cooking, providing attractive and nutritious meals to those in need.

Keep cooking!

With our hands, we can create delicious memories, to love and be loved!

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